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Session 2B: Force Transmission Simulation and Theory
Monday, July 13, 2009, Monday, July 13, 2009 3:45 pm
Metals Hall
Chair: Eric Clement
2B-2 Fabric Evolution in Granular Materials Subject to Drained, Strain Controlled Cyclic Loading
Catherine O'Sullivan*1, Liang Cui2
1Imperial College London, United Kingdom, 2University of Surrey, United Kingdom
2B-3 Energy transport through dense granular matter
Lou Kondic*1, Xiaoni Fang1, Oleksey Dybenko1, Robert Behringer2
1New Jersey Institute of Technology, United States, 2Duke University, United States
2B-4 Discrete Element Simulations of Floor Pressure due to a Granular Material in a Cylindrical Vessel
Shawn Chester*1, Meng Cui1, Anthony Rosato1, Otis Walton2
1New Jersey Institute of Technology, United States, 2Grainflow Dynamics, United States
2B-5 The micro-macro connection for a dry sand: Oedometric test, Bauer’s law and the microscopic dependence of two hypoplastic parameters.
William Fernando Oquendo1, Jose Daniel Muñoz*1, Arcesio Lizcano2
1Grupo Simulación de Sistemas Físicos, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia, 2Grupo de Geotecnia, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
2B-6 Evolution of internal variables in granular materials throughout cyclic loadings
Yuhanis Yunus1, Eric Vincens1, Bernard Cambou*2
1UNiversité de Lyon - LTDS - UMR 5513 - Ecole CEntrale de Lyon, France, 2INRETS, France
2B-7 Micromechanical aspects of granular ratcheting
Fernando Alonso-Marroquin*2, Sergio-Andres Galindo-Torres2, Yucang Wang1
1ESSCC, The University of Queensland, Australia, 2MoSCoS, School of Physical Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia
2B-8 Numerical Study of Wet Particle Flow in a Rotating Drum
Peiyuan Liu, Ruiping Zou, Aibing Yu, Runyu Yang*
Lab for Simulation and Modelling of Particulate Systems School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia
2B-9 Validation of a DEM granular flow model aimed at forecasting snow avalanche pressure
Lionel Favier*1, Dominique Daudon1, Frédéric-Victor Donzé1, Jacky Mazars2
1Université Joseph Fourier (UJF), France, 2Institut National Polytechnique Grenoble (INPG), France