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Session 6B: Silos, Granulation, Mixing, and Segregation
Thursday, July 16, 2009, Thursday, July 16, 2009 10:45 am
Metals Hall
Chair: Surajit Sen
6B-1 Experimental and numerical study of the response of granular layer in the trap-door problem
Bastien Chevalier, Gaël Combe*, Pascal Villard
Grenoble Universités - Laboratoire Sols, Solides, Strucutres- Risques, France
6B-2 Numerical Simulation of the Flow of Fine Particles in a Hopper
Haiping Zhu*1, Kejun Dong1, Aibing Yu1, Ruiping Zou1, Gerald Roach2
1The University of New South Wales, Australia, 2Alcoa World Alumina, Australia
6B-3 MRI Studies of the Influence of Particle Density in 3D, Size-Segregating, Banding, Rotating Drum Systems
Lori Sanfratello*1, Eiichi Fukushima2
1New Mexico Resonance, United States, 2ABQMR, United States
6B-4 DEM simulation of particle motion in a MiPro granulator
Nicholas Watson*1, Bao Hua Xu1, Yulong Ding1, Malcolm Povey2, Mike Claybourn3, Simon Weir3, Gavin Reynolds3
1Institute of particle science and engineering, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, 2Proctor department of food science, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, 3AstraZeneca, United Kingdom
6B-5 Mixing Study in a Multi-dimensional Motion Mixer.
Roshan Shah, Seetha Manickam, Jason Tomei, Theodore Bergman, Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri*
University of Connecticut, United States
6B-6 Segregation effects in rectangular piles built up by a moving injection device
Federico Klein1, Jesica Benito2, Irene Ippolito1, Ana María Vidales*2
1Grupo de Medios Porosos - Facultad de Ingeniería - Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Instituto de Física Aplicada - Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Argentina