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Session 1A: Contemporary Issues
Monday, July 13, 2009, Monday, July 13, 2009 9:30 am
Metals Hall
Chair: Masami Nakagawa
1A-1 2d granular gas in Knudsen regime and in microgravity excited by vibration: Velocity and position distributions
Meiying Hou*1, Riu Liu2, G Zai1, K Lu1, Yves Garrabos3, Pierre Evesque2
1Institute of Physics; Chinese Academy of Science, China, 2Center for Space Scienceand Applied research, Chinese Academy of Science, China, 3ESEME-ICMCB CNRS, France, 4Lab MSSMat, umr8579 cnrs, ECP, France
1A-2 Modeling of the electrochemical conduction of partially sintered fuel cell electrodes by discrete simulations
Ludwig Schneider1, Christophe Louis Martin*1, Didier Bouvard1, Yann Bultel2
1Laboratoire SIMaP – GPM2, Grenoble-INP/ UJF / CNRS, France, 2Laboratoire LEPMI, Grenoble-INP/ UJF / CNRS, France
1A-3 Simulation of the Fuel Reactor of a Coal-Fired Chemical Looping Combustor
Kartikeya Mahalatkar1, Thomas O'Brien*2, E. David Huckaby2, John Kuhlman3
1ANSYS-Fluent, Inc., United States, 2National Energy Technology Laboratory, United States, 3West Virginia University, United States
1A-4 Quasi-static Compaction of Polyhedra by the Discrete Element Method
Kyle Smith*1, Timothy Fisher1, Meheboob Alam1
1Purdue University, United States, 2Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, India