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1. Opening Plenary and U.S. Updates
Monday, October 13, 2014, 1:00 - 2:35 PM
Metals Hall, Green Center
Chair: Jeremy Boak, Colorado School of Mines; David Argyle, Global Oil Shale Holdings
01.1 Welcome to the 34th Oil Shale Symposium and Introduction to the International Oil Shale Association
Jeremy Boak*1, David Argyle2
1Colorado School of Mines, USA, 2London Investment Partners, UK
01.3 Industry Re-assesses Water Requirements
Glenn Vawter*, Roger Day, Tom Fowler
National Oil Shale Association, USA
01.2 Status and plans for the U. S. Department of Interior program for development of oil shale and oil sands
Mitchell Leverette
U. S. Bureau of Land Management, USA
01.4 Progress on AMSO’s In-Situ Retorting Process
Leonard Switzer*1, Vincent Saubestre1,2, Roger Day1, Alan Burnham1, Olivier Garnier3
1American Shale Oil, LLC, USA, 2Total S. A., USA, 3Total S. A., France