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10. Resource Evaluation
Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 8:00 - 9:40 AM
Metals Hall, Green Center
Chair: Jim Bunger, Red Leaf Resources; Ron Johnson, USGS
10.1 Alternative Approaches for the Reporting of Resource and Reserve Estimates for Oil Shale
Mike Armitage1, Bruce McConachie2, Anna Fardell*1
1SRK Consulting, UK, 2SRK Consulting, Australia
10.2 Technical Due Diligence on Oil Shale Mining Projects
Sergei Sabanov
SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd, UK
10.3 In-Place Oil Shale Resources of the Mahogany zone Sorted by Grade, Overburden Thickness and Stripping Ratio in the Piceance and Uinta Basins
Justin Birdwell*, Tracey Mercier, Ronald Johnson, Michael Brownfield
U.S. Geological Survey, USA
10.4 Correcting Modified Fischer Assay Results to Consistent Chemical Yields
Jim Bunger
Red Leaf Resources, Inc., USA