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14. Process Modeling 2
Wednesday, October 15, 2014, 1:00 - 2:40 PM
Metals Hall, Green Center
Chair: Tom Plikas, Sean Hinchenberger, Hatch
14.1 Geologic Aspects of the Tarfaya and Timahdit Basins, Morocco
Paul Quinn1, Zouhair Taleb*2
1Colorado School of Mines, USA, 2University of Hassan, Morocco
14.2 Transport Phenomena, Kinetics, and Equilibrium Considerations in the EcoshaleTM Capsule and Resulting Impact on the Production Rates and Composition of Oil and Gas
Tom Plikas*1, Umesh Shah1, Amreen Khera1, Jim Bunger2, Samuel Lethier2, Françoise Behar4, Olivier Garnier4, Pierre Allix3
1Hatch, Canada, 2Red Leaf Resources, USA, 3Total SA, France, 4Total SA, France
14.3 Mechanical Modelling of RedLeaf Resources EcoShaleTM Containment Structure
Sean Hinchenberger*1, Majiid Maleki6, Greg Qu1, Jim Patten2, Dan Seely3, Samuel Lethier2, Pierre Allix4, Olivier Garnier5
1Hatch, Canada, 2Red Leaf Resources, USA, 3IGES, USA, 4Total SA, France, 5Total SA, France, 6Hatch, Canada
14.4 An Elastic–plastic Damage Model of Oil Shale under Freeze–thaw Action
Chen Chen*, Youhong Sun, Guijie Zhao, Wei Guo, Qiang Li, Fang Qian
Jilin university, China