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Poster Session
Poster Session, Tuesday - Wednesday, October 14-15, 2014, Tuesday 8:00 AM-7:30 PM; Wednesday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM
Green Center Lobby
17.01 In-situ Hydrocarbons Production from Oil Shale Resources in Qusier - Safaga District, Egypt: Developing Techniques
Mina Shaker*1, Shouhdi Shalaby1, Tarek Elkewidy2
1Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Suez University, Egypt, 2American University in Cairo, Egypt
17.02 Utilization of Crude Shale Oil in Medium and Heavy Industries and Industrial Zones in Jordan
Ghussaina Al Hilu
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jordan
17.03 The Technology for Extracting Alumina and Silica from Oil Shale Ash
Shucai Gan*, Linlin Li, Xuechun Xu
Jilin University, China
17.04 Preparation of Red and Green Phosphors with White Carbon Black Extracted from Oil Shale Ash
Hui Zhang*, Yanhua Song, Bo Yuan, Ye Sheng, Keyan Zheng, Xuechun Xu, Haifeng Zou
Jilin University, China
17.05 Chemical Constitutions of YaoJie Shale Oil in China by Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)
Wei Wang, Shuyuan Li, Jili Hou*
China University of Petroleum, China
17.06 Study on Rare Earth Elements and Main Elements in Oil Shale Samples, Nongan, Jilin Province
Guijuan Ji*, Na Guo, Yimai Liang
Jilin University, China
17.07 Preparation and Application of Na-A Zeolite based on Oil Shale Ash
Ye Sheng*1, Haifeng Zou1, Xuechun Xu2, Keyan Zheng1
1Chemistry, China, 2Geoscience, China
17.08 The Possibility of Extracting Oil Shale Organic Matter During the Bitumen Generation Stage
Mihhail Fomitsov*1, Hans Luik1
1Oil Shale Competence Centre, Estonia, 2Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
17.09 The Study of Aerogel Properties Derived from Oil Shale Phenols
Olga Pihl*, Mihkel Koel
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
17.10 Research on the Thermal Stability of a Solid Modified Resorcinol-alkylresorcinol-formaldehyde Resin
Ana Jurkeviciute*, Larissa Grigorieva
Tallinn University of Technology Virumaa College, Estonia
17.11 Laboratory Studies on oil shale fly ash for use in embankment
Keyan Zheng*1, Haifeng Zou1, Xuechun Xu2, Ye Sheng1
1Chemistry, China, 2Geoscience, China
17.12 Hydrogeochemical Evaluation of the Green River and Uinta Formation of the Piceance Creek Basin, Northwestern Colorado
Megan Masterson-Radtke
Portland State University, USA
17.13 Initial Pyrolysis Mechanism of Oil Shale Kerogen with Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Jin-Hui Zhan*, Xiaoxing Liu, Guangwen Xu
Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
17.14 Continuous Production of Oil from Oil Shale using a Flow through Apparatus
Mohammad Amer*1,2, Yi Fei1, Marc Marshall1, Roy Jackson1, Alan Chaffee1
1Monash University, Australia, 2Royal Scientific Society, Jordan
17.15 Mass Transfer Characteristics Study of Sub-critical Water Extraction of Kerogen from Oil Shale Lumps
Sunhua Deng, Youhong Sun*, Hongyan Wang, Wei Guo, Chen Chen
Jilin university, China
17.16 Future Usage Options for Areas Developed by Oil Shale Industry
Tõnis Meriste
Eesti Energia AS, Estonia
17.17 Preserving Nature’s Values in Oil-shale Mine Ecosystems in Estonia
Margus Pensa
Tallinn Technical University, Virumaa College, Oil Shale Competence Centre, Estonia
17.18 An Overview of the Cold Extraction Method Applied to Jordan Oil Shale
Musa Resheidat
Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan
17.19 Numerical Simulation on Heating Technology for Oil Shale In-situ Pyrolysis by Fracturing-nitrogen Injection Combination
Jiang Pengfei*, Sun Youhong, Guo Wei, Li Qiang
Jilin University, China
17.20 Self-pyrolysis Process of Oil Shale Triggered by Topo-chemical Heat
You-hong Sun, Qiang Li*, Wei Guo, Chen Chen
construction engineering college,jilin university, China
17.21 Theoretical and Experimental Research of Oil Shale In-situ Pyrolysis by High Voltage-power Frequency Electrical Heating Method
Yang Yang, Youhong Sun*, Wei Guo, Qiang Li, Chen Chen
Jilin university, China
17.22 Advanced Aspects of Environmental Modeling in Oil Shale Basins
Paul Quinn
Colorado School of Mines, USA
17.23 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Dyes Adsorption on Shale Oil Ash
Mohammad Al-Shannag
University of Jordan, Jordan
17.24 Characteristics of Oil Shale that Affect In-situ Heating with Fluid
Jianzheng Su1, Qiulian Long1, Xianglong Meng*2,1, Yuanping Gao1, Yiwei Wang1, Youping Wang1
1Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute, China, 2China University of Petroleum,Beijing, China
17.25 Release and Distribution of Sulphur in Non-condensable Gas and Semi-coke during oil shale retorting
Hong Qin*1, Qing Wang1, Hongpeng Liu1, Mingshu Chi1, Lidong Zhang1, Chunxia Jia1, Jingru Bai1, Bin Liu2
1Northeast Dianli University, China, 2Xing An Meng KEJIE Energy Co. Ltd, China
17.26 Thermodynamics Study of Hydrocarbon Gas Generation from Pyrolysis of Oil Shale
Zaid Al-Anber
Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan