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Day 2 Itinerary, October 16, 2014
Field Trip, Thursday October 16 - Friday October 17

7:30 AM - Leave Vernal

Stop 4 - Deep lake sediments and the richest oil shale in Utah Examine the Enefit box cut in the Mahogany Zone, near Park Canyon.

Stop 5 - The End of Lake Uinta - Examine outcrop along Evacuation Creek displaying the upper Green River Formation saline zone (Birds Nest aquifer) overlain by volcaniclastic debris flows.

Stop 6 - Tour of Enefits White River oil shale mine. Lunch and description of the mine and Enefits development plan

Stop 7 - Gilsonite vein overlook - gilsonite is a solid hydrocarbon that originated from rich oil shale beds and was deposited in long linear veins/dikes. Gilsonite is unique to the Uinta Basin and is mined for a variety of uses.

Drive back to Golden - estimated time of arrival 7:00 PM.

Chair: Michael Vanden Berg, Utah Geological Survey