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2. In-situ Processing
Monday, October 5, 2015, 10:00 - 11:40 AM
Alpine Ballroom, Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Chair: Neal Sullivan, Colorado School of Mines; Leonard Switzer, AMSO
02.1 The Cost of In Situ Oil Shale Development
Jonathan Wilkey*, Jennifer Spinti, Terry Ring, Michal Hradisky, Kerry Kelly
Institute for Clean and Secure Energy at the University of Utah, USA
02.2 Qualification of high-power-density mineral-insulated electric heater cables
Alan Burnham*1, Chet Sandberg2, Keith Thomas3, Vincent Reiling1, John Faull1, Lee Bourgeois4, Jeremy Huffman1, Leonard Switzer1
1American Shale Oil LLC, USA, 2CL Sandberg & Associates, USA, 3MC AAA LDT, UK, 4PSPC LLC, USA
02.3 Surface Qualification System for Downhole Heaters
Vincent Reiling*1, John Faull1, Andre Papineau1, Rodney LaFollette1, Len Switzer1, Vincent Saubestre1,2
1American Shale Oil, LLC, USA, 2TOTAL E&P USA, USA
02.4 Geothermic Fuel Cells for in situ oil shale processing
Neal Sullivan*1, Buddy Haun1, Gladys Anyenya1, Rick Kerr2, Joseph Bonadies2, Mark Wall3
1Colorado School of Mines, USA, 2Delphi Powertrain Systems, USA, 3IEP Technology, Inc., USA