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4. Surface Processing
Monday, October 5, 2015, 1:00 - 2:40 PM
Alpine Ballroom, Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Chair: James Patten, RedLeaf; Steven Odut, UMATAC
04.1 The CHESS Process: Environment Friendly, Low Cost Shale Oil Recovery
Thomas H. Fletcher*1, Carlos Adams2
1Brigham Young University, USA, 2Energy Recovery Technology, USA
04.2 Design, construction, process, and production efficiency implications of shale bed void fraction for the Red leaf Resources Ecoshale Process
James Patten
Red Leaf Resources Inc., USA
04.3 Value Added Processing
Steven Odut*, Yanxin (Ian) Xu
UMATAC Industrial Processes, Canada
04.4 Optimizing reactor parameters to achieve higher process pield in an ex-situ oil shale process
Hassan Golpour, Anand Alembath*, Joseph Smith
Missouri University of Science and Technolgy, USA