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9. Pyrolysis
Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 10:10 - 11:50 AM
Alpine Ballroom, Hilton Salt Lake City Center
Chair: Alan Burnham, AMSO; Guenther Glatz, Stanford University
09.1 A Simple Kinetic Model of Oil Generation, Vaporization, and Degradation
Alan Burnham
Stanford University, USA
09.2 Visualization Of Porosity Evolution Of Oil-Shale Pyrolysis Using X-ray Computed Tomography
Guenther Glatz*, Louis Castanier, Anthony R. Kovscek
Stanford University, USA
09.3 Direct convective heating with recycled pyrolysis gasses in the Ecoshale process and potential implications for design, construction, and production efficiencies
Eric Chabal*1, James Patten2
1Red Leaf Resources, Inc, secoded from Total, USA, 2Red Leaf Resources, Inc., USA
09.4 Experimental Apparatus for Investigation of direct Convective Heating with Recycled Pyrolysis Gasses
Jerald Wiser
RedLeaf Resources, Inc, USA